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norton oneNorton security software products with the leading security features stay ahead in the market of security software products. With its amazing protective capacity, it has been proved to be the best. Along with other Norton security features, Norton one offers outstanding online protection to its users. Only one subscription with the software provides protection to five computers, Android devices or Macs with online backup up to 25GB. For those who want to protect their PCs without any security worries, norton one is the best choice. It provides premium support against all security threats and other security related issues. Remember to use a norton one coupon code when you check out.

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Why to use a Norton One Coupon Code

Norton one is a security service and an anti-virus with subscription for only £99.99 a year. This subscription provides protection to 5 different devices. These devices could be a combination of PCs, Macs, tablets and Android phones, etc. Users can sign up online and then add devices to their account on the dashboard. Once you are done with this, relevant antivirus can be easily downloaded on each device. For example; a Mac version is for Mac and respective versions for Android and PCs.

No Additional License

For using other antivirus services, users need to buy additional license whereas in the case of norton one coupon code, no such license is required. It incrementally adds licenses, with pro-rated basis when you choose for subscription. Its basic package includes support for up to five devices but if you want to include more devices in your security area, you will have to pay extra cost. Backup is PC only. For example, if you add 6th device you will have to pay one fifth of the base price and if you go for 7th one then it will add half of the 6th one’s price to your security budget.

norton one coupon code

Fully Automatic Process

Through norton one, your installation is protected in an easier way. Online portal informs you about number of installations made, and number of devices that you can made secure. When you choose to add a device, norton one checks the connection and tells you whether you are logged in through that device. If it gets positive answer then it installs appropriate protection. This installation is an automatic process which does not require you to register product or enter license key.

Premium Support

For any issues that might arise with this service, customers have an easy access to norton one experts within 2 minutes. This customer service is available 24/7 during the whole year.

Scalable Options

Consumers can add/remove devices, transfer device coverage, renew devices simultaneously and also change software. Initially you are offered for protection of up to five devices but you can increase or decreases this number as per your requirement. Extra device will cost you additional payment and removal of a device option is available without any effect.

Virus Protection and Cloud Based Technology

Its support advisors help users by removing malware from their devices like PC or Mac without any additional charges. But for this, your Norton account must be active.

Norton one coupon code interacts, updates and manages protection across all the connected devices by using a cloud based management technology. Customers can thus manage online backup and customize features any time.